Response to mandated change in schools: Stages of concern for teachers in the first and second year of CSCOPE curriculum implementation



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This study examined the level of concern responses as measured by the (SOcQ) of elementary school teachers to mandated curricular change in West Texas. A recent curricular innovation known as CSCOPE was implemented in the majority of K-12 public schools in Texas. Six public elementary campuses participated in this study. Multiple linear regression was used to predict teacher responses on The Stages of Concern Questionnaire. This instrument was used to collect data on each campus in order to determine the relationship between predictor variables and teacher responses on the survey. Predictor variables included AYP status (federal accountability), AEIS status (state campus rating), teacher years of service, and content area taught, the year of implementation, and the level of CSCOPE implementation. Results indicated that teachers were more resistant to the CSCOPE innovation in the first year of implementation than in the second. Teachers also demonstrated less resistance to the innovation when mandated to use the entire CSCOPE curriculum. Statistical significance was demonstrated by the regression models for each stage of concern beyond Stage 0.