Synthesis of new separating agents for nuclear materials



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Texas Tech University


Synthetic methods for the preparation of complexing agents for the separation of radionuclide materials are described in this dissertation. Several series of new bifunctional anion-exchange resins were prepared by reaction of Reillex™ 402 po]y(4-vinylpyridine) resin with alkylating agents CL>-Br(CH2)nQ^ in Q"^ = trimethylammonio. trimethylphosphonio, and pyridinium groups. By variation of the number of methylene groups in the spacer, the distance between the two anion-exchange sites was systematically varied. The structural variations in these bifunctional anion-exchange resins were made to investigate their Pu(IV) sorption behavior from nitric acid media.

Partial substitution of linear poly(vinylpyridine)with hydrophilic groups provided new water-soluble polymers which have potential for use in metal separation using ultrafiltration membranes.

For the cesium extraction from acidic nitratemedia, several series of macrocyclic polyether compounds which have oxygenated, aliphatic side arms were prepared. Acylation of dibenzo-18-crown-6 (or dibenzo-21-crown-7) and subsequent reduction provided new carbon atom-linked side armed cyclic polyether extractants. Several approaches to the synthesis of oxygen atom-linked side armed cyclic polyether extractants were explored with the model compound Sesamol. Although results of the model studies were promising, all attempts to extend the methods to the preparation of oxygen atom-linked side armed crown ethers were unsuccessful.