Shear Connections for the Development of a Full-Depth Precast Concrete Deck System



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A full-depth precast concrete deck system presents several safety, timeline, and cost benefits to the process of constructing a bridge, however the relevant professional codes do not provide dependable design models due to the limited amount of research conducted on the subject. One area lacking design direction is the development of a shear connection between the full-depth precast deck and a precast concrete girder via a pocket-haunch-connector system. Push-off tests are performed to investigate the effects of various pre- and post-installed shear connectors, haunch height, surface roughness, grouping effects, and grout composition as compared to cast-in-place specimens. The experimental results are presented along with a method for normalizing the variations of results by connection yield strength. This method is used to evaluate each connector type and connection parameter investigated. Ensuring sufficient shear reinforcement within the beam near the shear connector anchorage is found to be a vital aspect of holistic design. A simplified design procedure is outlined, the design connection forcedisplacement behavior is shown, and an example problem is solved. Recommendations for additions and modifications to current code and practice are prescribed.