A central branch YMCA for Fort Worth, Texas

dc.creatorGroves, Robert T.
dc.description.abstractThis written thesis is prepared as a supplement to the design or graphic thesis which was completed this semester in Architecture 461. It is an extension of the written work which was begun with the program done in Architecture 422 in the fall semester. The intent in this composition is to further elaborate on the problems that were posed in the first part of the written material, show how these problems were solved, make any revisions or additions that are necessary to the program, explain the analysis and development which went into solving the problems in the design thesis, and finally to make a written presentation which will more fully explain the ideas, investigation, research, and criteria which went into the final design. This written thesis will also define the stages of development which occurred in the design and give some insight into the evolution of the design, revisions that were made and the elements which make up the final solution. The clearest method of presentation for the above ideas is to fir s t present the points about the problem which did not change in any gr eat respect and then trace the evolution of the design through four sections which correspond to the four preliminary presentations which we made throughout the semester. The following thesis will follow this general pattern.
dc.subjectYMCA of the USAen_US
dc.subjectGymnasiums -- Design
dc.subjectFort Worth (Tex.)
dc.titleA central branch YMCA for Fort Worth, Texas