Newspapers, Annuals and Press Releases: Digitizing Baylor's History




Stuhr, Darryl

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In 2007, The Texas Collection of Baylor University, a special library and archive, was named the official Archive of the university. In 2010, a new director was appointed to the collection, and he quickly began to prioritize digitization projects. Additionally, he hired a temporary employee, the Texas Collection Digitization Consultant (TCDC), to help work on digitization projects. The prioritization of the archival collections brought three important projects to the top of the list: (1) The Baylor Lariat, the student newspaper of Baylor University, 1900 to present; (2) The Round Up, the Baylor annual, 1896 to present; (3) The Baylor Press Releases, 1920 to 2005.

The Riley Digitization Center, an in-house digitization facility that opened in 2008 and staffed by the Digital Projects Group (DPG), provides the capability to digitize these collections on-campus. Early on, the DPG built prototype collections of the first three years of the student newspaper, and a decade of the annuals with the help of a library intern and Texas Collection-hired student worker. With the additional help of the temporary TCDC, the DPG was ready to take on all three projects.

This presentation will discuss the three projects and how they were managed, including workflow, project decisions, challenges, lessons learned, and how the three collections form a powerful research tool for the new University Archivist, as well as researchers across the country.


Presentation slides for the 2014 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).