Nationalism, conflict and education in the Balkans



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The following chapters present a history of the Balkans through the lenses of nationalism, capitalism, racism, violence, war, and the intersectional relationship they all had on the conflict in the Balkans. As this essay dissects each point and relates to the grander scheme of how a relatively peaceful and incredibly diverse people became the subject of intolerance and conflict, this essay will also present possible solutions. The solutions consist of leaning the region back toward the peaceful coexistence it experienced in the past. Education is a primary tool for achieving this ideal. The subject matter and course materials should always be open, without censorship or caveats which present the history of the region inaccurately. An example of this kind of educational movement is the Gulen Movement. Although it is small in scale, the philosophy and ideals behind the movement can serve as a possible stepping stone toward not only peace in the Balkans, but peace in other conflict affected areas in the world which experience similar hardships.