The use of the in-flight video and its advertising effects



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Texas Tech University


In recent years, an airline's in-flight video has become a medium mcreasingly used to advertise to airline consumers. This popularity is a result of a mediimi that both advertisers and airline companies feel they can benefit from. Advertisers find airline consumers to represent a most desirable, but hard to reach audience. According to the World Airline Entertainment Association, the average flier is of the age of 45 and has a household income of $83,700 (Lawrence, 1991). Airline companies, on the other hand, see benefits of generating more revenue and the opportunity to advertise themselves. Along with the benefits, the medium itself is improving with technology making it even more attractive.

Although the benefits look promising, it is fairly new. There is little known about consumer perceptions and attitudes in relationship to in-flight video advertising. This chapter will discuss the demographic characteristics of the airline consumer, future development of in-flight video, benefits of using in-flight video advertising for both advertisers and the airlines, and airline consumer's attitudes towards its use of in-flight video advertising.