Exploring summer entry programs in Texas law schools

dc.contributor.committeeChairRodriguez, Roy C.
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dc.contributor.committeeMemberPaton, Valerie O.
dc.creatorRamos, Frank Jr
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dc.description.abstractThe exploration of Summer Entry Programs in Texas Law Schools provides qualitative research focusing on the law students and the manner that the SEP has dealt with the emerging American law school philosophy of helping law students graduate, not simply weeding out students that cannot succeed in law school. The status of the Summer Entry Programs (SEPs) at three Texas law schools (one public and two private) was explored. The research offered insight and relevance into how SEP students perceive SEPs. Additionally, it described the lens through which the Secondary Respondents (Administrators) viewed the SEPs. The study revealed perceptions of the SEP students and how they handled going through the program and finally their reflections on its effect on their law school career. It is recommended that a study be conducted on the success rate of the SEP participants in comparison to regularly admitted students through graduation, bar examination passage and career placement. Research on faculty attitudes and perceptions within and outside the state of Texas is needed. The faculty reactions would be helpful to SEP program administrators and admissions personnel. Findings from the Texas faculty and the faculty outside of Texas could be compared and contrasted bringing the research to a national level. The additional research may help both existing and new SEPs to flourish.
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dc.titleExploring summer entry programs in Texas law schools