Evaluation of settlements at the Conquista Tailings impoundment



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The following is a thesis presented on the history, subsurface characterization and settlement analysis of the Conquista Tailings Impoundment located in Karnes City, TX. This research draws information from readily available sources at TCEQ in Austin, Texas. Documents included in this report date back to the mid-1980s and can be as recent as 2011. This thesis will focus on the eastern section of the Conquista Tailings Impoundment and will primarily observe and predict the settlement experienced in this portion of the site. The site has been analyzed using one-dimensional consolidation analysis, based on three (3) loading factors, and has been modeled using finite element analysis aided by the software PLAXIS. The research has justified the magnitude of settlement that has occurred in the area of concern and has provided just reasoning for the events. Further investigations into the subsurface conditions in the eastern portion of the Conquista Tailings Impoundment will be needed to confirm and refine the analysis presented.