A method for correction of experimental inner Bremsstrahlung spectra



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this thesis is to present an improved method of comparing experimental inner bremsstrahlung (internal bremsstrahlung) spectra with the results of theories predicting the shape and intensity distributions of these spectra, by correcting the experimental data for various effects due to the efficiency and resolution of the detection equipment. A computer program for correcting the experimental data for efficiency of the detector, resolution, and Compton scattering in the crystal is included in the Appendix* The corrected experimental spectrum can then be compared directly with the spectrum predicted by theory. Experimenters (e.g., reference 1) have usually attempted to alter the theoretical spectrum in the same way that the detector does, and then compared the experimental data with this changed theoretical spectrum. Since comparing a theory to the original (pre-detection) spectrum is the ultimate goad, it seems that the method to be described in this paper is the more desirable.