Philanthropy and education: A historical study of Ruth Carter Stevenson’s influence on Texas



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The purpose of this study is to look into the intersection and impact of philanthropy, education, and women in higher education. Ruth Carter Stevenson is a philanthropist in the State of Texas whose life fits this intersection. Existing research in the areas of philanthropy, education, and women are discussed to support the overall arching theme, as well as the importance of each to history. This work uses historical methodology to study the aforementioned intersection, as well as the interpretivist qualitative approach. Both archival documents (Ruth Carter Stevenson’s correspondence paperwork, and newspaper clippings) available at the Special Collections Archives at Texas Christian University, and an oral history of Ruth Carter Stevenson were utilized for the study. The research findings suggested that the Carter family and Ruth Carter Stevenson contributed to philanthropy, education, and women throughout their lives and their impact on the Fort Worth community will be remembered forever