Synthesis of organometallic complexes containing group 13 elements and transition metals



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Texas Tech University


A number of new organometallic complexes containing Group 13 elements and transition metals were synthesized and structurally characterized by X-ray diffraction methods. (C5H5)2W{In(CH3)2}2, (C5H5)2Mo{In(CH3)2}2, and (C5H5)2W(I){In(CH3)2} were synthesized by alkane elimination reactions between trimethylindium and the metal hydride complexes (C5H5)2MH2 (M = W, Mo). [K]In{Fe2(CO)8}2, [{(CO)4Co}2ln(|i-Cl)]2, and In[Co(CO)3{P(CH3)3}]3 were synthesized by a new method involving insertion of activated indium metal into the metal-metal bond of transition metal carbonyl clusters (THF = tetrahydrofuran). A new synthetic method involving the reaction of a trialkyl indium with transition metal carbonyls was developed to make new complexes containing metal-metal bonds between indium and transition metals. [C2H5lnRu(CO)2]n, (CH3COCH3)In{Co(CO)4}3, and (CH3COCH3)In{Mn(CO)5}3 were synthesized by this method.

The complexes, (C5H5)2W(SeC6H5)2 and (C5H5)2Mo(SeC6H5)2 were also synthesized by the oxidative addition of diphenyldiselenide to (C5H5)2W{In(CH3)2}2 and (C5H5)2Mo{In(CH3)2}2, respectively. [Mni5(CO)24(THF)i2][Al(CH3)3(THF)]2,, [Mn3(CO)io(THF)2], and [Mn(THF)6][Mn(CO)5]2 were synthesized by the reaction of A1(CH3)3 with Mn2(CO)io. [Mni5(CO)24(THF)i2][Al(CH3)3(THF)]2 is an unusual cluster complex that contains two planar Mny arrays (THF = tetrahydrofuran).