Comparing Reading Interventions for Language Arts Students

dc.contributorGoldsby, Dianne
dc.contributorLoving, Cathleen
dc.creatorLogan, Bethany
dc.description.abstractThe focus of this research examined reading interventions for 6th grade language arts students. As the demands of state mandated testing increase, so too has the call for reading interventions to become more effective throughout schools in order for students to reach proficiency standards. This Record of Study examines teacher-directed and computer-based interventions for students who have been identified as needing remedial assistance in reading. Using mixed methods, student performance was analyzed quantitatively on two different assessments and focus groups and interviews were conducted to gauge teacher and administrator perceptions of computer-based and teacher-directed interventions. Results demonstrated students who participated in computer-based interventions performed better on standardized measures. The teacher focus group and interviews indicated a strong need to combine teacher-directed and computer-based interventions in order to track student progress and correct misconceptions in student thinking.
dc.titleComparing Reading Interventions for Language Arts Students