A Cost Effective, Integrated and Smart Radioactive Safeguard System



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Nuclear energy is a growing field worldwide due to its wide range of applications in various walks of life. It, however, deals with radioactive materials, specifically special nuclear material, which, if misused, could result in catastrophic consequences. In order to protect this precious resource and ensure its use for the good of mankind, safeguard systems are more important than ever. Current Market solutions are wide ranged but have a large number of disadvantages, some of which include high cost, constant updates, and incomplete efforts. The rising need of a cost effective, efficient, and integrated radioactive safeguard system serves as motivation for the solution outlined in this thesis. The thesis outlines a solution structured around the three pillars of the international safeguards program, namely, visual surveillance and motion detection, containment analysis, and non-destructive analysis. The hardware around each of these pillars work together with a clean and user-friendly application to provide a secure safeguards system that is both flexible and extensible.