Health insurance, employment-sector choices and job attachment patterns of men and women

dc.contributor.advisorHamermesh, Daniel S.en
dc.creatorVelamuri, Malathi Raoen
dc.description.abstractThe chapters presented in this dissertation deal with two labor market issues in the United States: (1) the impact of the cost of health insurance on households’ choice of employment sector and (2) job attachment patterns of men and women. Chapter 1 presents the motivation for the research. Chapter 2 models the effect of employer-provided health insurance on households’ decision concerning whether to select into the wage-salary sector or the selfemployment sector. Chapter 3 provides an empirical test of this issue. Chapter 4 provides empirical support for a possible theory explaining why women might exhibit stronger attachment to their job relative to men, early in their careers. Chapter 5 presents the major conclusions of the dissertation and suggests directions for future research.
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dc.titleHealth insurance, employment-sector choices and job attachment patterns of men and womenen