Developing a screening measure for at-risk and advanced beginning readers to enhance response-to-intervention frameworks using the Rasch model



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The Rasch model was employed to analyze the psychometric properties of a diagnostic reading assessment and then create five short forms (n = 10, 16, 22, 28, 34 items) with an optimal test information function. The goal was to develop a universal screening measure that second grade teachers can use to identify advanced and at-risk readers to enhance Response-to-Intervention frameworks. These groups were targeted because both will need differentiated instruction in order to improve reading skills. The normative dataset of a national reading test developed with classical test theory methods was used to estimate person and item parameters. The measurement precision and classification accuracy of each short form was evaluated with the second grade students in the normative sample. Compared with full bank scores, all short forms produced highly correlated scores. The degree to which each short form identified exceptional readers was also analyzed. In consideration of classification accuracy and time-efficiency, the findings were most robust for the 10-item form.