Session 2N | Using the power of collaboration to create multimedia OER materials




Ringsmuth, Simon

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Texas Digital Library


This presentation will showcase the process used by Dr. Alex Bishop, a faculty member, and Simon Ringsmuth, a librarian, to create a multimedia OER textbook called Introduction to Successful Aging at Oklahoma State University—a process that can be easily duplicated at other institutions using off-the-shelf conferencing tools and editing software. Simon Ringsmuth will discuss the techniques he and Dr. Bishop have used throughout the creation of Introduction to Successful Aging that have led to high-quality deliverables, share the importance of regular meetings and checkpoints used throughout the process, and demonstrate in realtime the editing tools used to produce the multimedia artifacts used in the textbook. Simon will also show what the end result looks like in Pressbooks. He and Dr. Bishop both bring unique skills to this process and the end result is only made possible due to close collaboration built on a foundation of trust. The final part of the session will be an open discussion/brainstorm with participants about how to use the demonstrated tools and techniques for development of additional OER materials.