Session 2D | Introduction to ArcGIS Online




Shensky, Michael
Jones, Sylvia
Carter, Kate

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This 90-minute session will provide a brief introduction to geographic information systems (GIS) and ArcGIS Online. It will show how ArcGIS Online can be used to manage, visualize, and share geospatial data. Participants will learn how to search ArcGIS Online for data, upload local datasets, customize dataset symbology, and carry out basic analysis. They will also learn how to create content in ArcGIS Online by publishing a hosted feature layer and by saving and sharing a web map. The workshop structure will consist of presentation slides and a hands-on interactive portion where participants will gain direct experience working with ArcGIS Online. This session is intended for all TCDL attendees who are interested in GIS and no prior experience is required. It is preferred that attendees have a pre-existing institutional ArcGIS Online account created prior to the start of the workshop, but this is not a requirement and attendees will have the option to create a public ArcGIS Online account during the session. Participants will be given time to ask questions at the end of the workshop.


TCDL 2022 Session 2D, Tuesday 5/24/2022, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm | Moderated by Cynthia Henry, Texas Tech University | Session Type Digital Library Technologies