Creating Subject Metadata for The Chronicles of Oklahoma in The Gateway to Oklahoma History




Carroll, Hannah

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Texas Digital Library


"The Oklahoma History Society partnered with University of the North Texas Libraries in 2020 to make The Chronicles of Oklahoma available in The Gateway to Oklahoma History digital library. The Chronicles of Oklahoma is a periodical that has been published for over a century, and it covers a variety of sensitive cultural and historical topics and perspectives. The focus of this poster is the creation of subject metadata for The Chronicles and the variety of methods used to collect and apply subject terms to a record.

We confronted the challenge of creating accurate as well as accessible subject metadata while working with this collection. In order to provide a holistic view of the content and restrict our own bias, we included subject terms from a variety of sources in our metadata. We aimed to increase user recall and serve researchers whose various perspectives reflect differences in terminology.

We created a controlled vocabulary of subject terms and added terms from familiar standards such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings list, terms from our own UNT Libraries Browse Subject system, terms from other higher education institution library websites, and terms from the articles themselves. We edited and updated our subject spreadsheet frequently, and we have made it accessible to The Oklahoma Historical Society. This poster will act as a visual guide to our process, which can serve as an example to other information professionals as a possible method for subject metadata creation."