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Texas Tech University


The center for religious life throughout the Muslim world is the Mosque. It dominates the urban landscape of every Muslim town and city and functions both as a place for daily prayers and as a community center. Every new Muslim community requires a mosque. This is true for the hundreds of muslim communities that has sprung up in many non-Islamic societies throughout the world. Lubbock, like many other western cities, also have witnessed a growing trend in its muslim population over the years. Although, this number may be smaller relative to other major western cities, it is significant to justify for such a facility that would fulfill the religions, social and cultural needs of the Islamic community. The increase in the population is due to the growing number of International students from many Islamic countries attending Texas Tech and other educational institutions in Lubbock. In addition the number of Muslim families in Lubbock has also grown in size.

The local chapter of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) has shown special interest for such a facility. The small mosque in west Lubbock is a step in that direction.

This project provides an excellent opportunity to apply my understanding in architecture and use it to address issues relating to Islamic architecture and its significance in a non-Islamic environment. The project is also intended as an experiment in exploring the design possibilities of Islamic architecture which is experiencing a renewed interest in recent years.

One of the major goals of this project is to promote friendship and understanding among the Islamic community through interaction. It is hoped that this project would contribute to the welfare of the Islamic coramunity in Lubbock as well as to provide Lubbock with a multi-cultural character.