The prediction of coarse aggregate performance by micro-Deval and other soundness, strength, and intrinsic particle property tests



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This research project concentrated on determining whether or not a correlation existed between laboratory aggregate tests and observed aggregate field performance. For this purpose, aggregate samples were collected from the majority of the U.S. states as well as several Canadian provinces and subjected to a variety of strength, soundness, and intrinsic particle property tests. Additionally, performance data on the aggregates was obtained by contacting multiple DOT's where aggregates were in use in several categories - hot-mix asphalt, portland cement concrete, base course, and open-graded friction course. Numerical and qualitative analyses were performed to evaluate the success of separating good performers from fair and poor performers using the micro-Deval test alone as well as the micro-Deval test combined with another test. Furthermore, attempts were made to determine if a correlation exists between any two tests.