Visualization of utility adjustment tracking using GIS



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Utility related issues are one of the most common reasons for project delays and project over-budget for highway projects. As the number and complexity of transportation projects increases so does the scope of conflicts between utility facilities and state DOTs. Different state DOTs accept that the utility adjustment process is one of the biggest challenges for the timely completion of a transportation infrastructure project, yet there exist no well-developed methodology or system to track utility adjustment process. Systems that do exist depend too much on displaying unhelpful and non-interactive information. The information provided to the user is non-descriptive, and hence the user cannot contextualize the project. This thesis focuses on developing a methodology which can provide the user with a visualization system for tracking utility relocation projects. This methodology uses relational database and a GIS platform for visualization capabilities. A utility adjustment process was developed for TxDOT to understand the various activities necessary for tracking a utility relocation project; these activities were then used for developing a relational database for storing utility adjustment information. Spatial location data for different utilities was collected using different GPS systems and then used in a GIS based platform to display these utilities on interactive maps. The relational database and the GIS platform were then integrated so that the user can track and visualize the utility relocation projects. The utility coordinators at Dallas District can verify the soundness and usability of this visualization system after using it.