Evaluating the transfer culture at a Texas public university through the experiences of community college transfer student’s



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In Texas, the majority of first time college students use the community college as an entry point into higher education. However the number of students who eventually transfer to a four-year university and in particular to the state’s flagship institution, is not comparable to the amount of students who enter the system of higher education through the community college. Using the Transfer Receptive Culture framework (Jain, Herrera, Bernal, & Solorzano, 2011) and through the experiences of seven community college transfer students, this study examines the transfer culture at a Texas public university. This study aims to contribute to the literature by examining the first study that looks into the institutional culture necessary to transfer to an elite university such as Transfer Student University. Findings suggest that the university should improve the outreach, orientation /transition programs, academic/social support services, as well as support the creation of a transfer student community on campus.