Formative process evaluation of the army social work care manager program



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The U.S. Army has undergone extreme transformation to meet new national security needs of the nation due to the Global War on Terror (GWOT). In order to meet the needs of Soldiers and families exposed to increased stressors, the Army behavioral health system has undergone much transformation as well. The Army Social Work Care Manger Program (CMP) is one program recently developed to enhance Army behavioral health services to this population. It provides care for Soldiers and their families who experience psychological or interpersonal difficulties throughout the deployment cycle. This study investigates the ability of this new program to create effective services throughout several locations across the Army. More specifically, the study evaluates the extent to which the CMP has been implemented as intended, reaches the target population and accomplishes the intended tasks. Soldier survey data, multiple Care Manager (CM) activity reports, interviews and focus groups were analyzed in a triangulated methodology. CMPs studied were found to reach the target population and address target issues across installations; however, senior enlisted as well as white male Soldiers appeared to be exposed to trauma at higher rates than they received treatment. Burnout, lowered health benefits, overtasking, and recommendations for program formalization through manuals were identified as areas of program development.