Mexican-American college women and their perceptions on sexuality in the U.S.



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Discussion between Mexican migrant mothers and Mexican-American daughters in the United States and their changing perceptions of sexuality were studied. Literature review is presented to give the reader insight into the cultural, media, music and identity issues faced by Mexican-American women and how these aspects affect their perceptions of sexuality. Sixteen Mexican-American college women volunteered to complete a questionnaire about their experiences discussing sexuality with their mothers. Analysis of the responses through use of quotes from literature and examples of study participant responses were used to understand the experiences shared by these women. The results showed that the mothers were not explicitly discussing sexuality with their daughters, but that the daughters were getting their information from other sources such as friends, school, and media. The conclusions that were drawn from the literature review and questionnaire responses are that Mexican-American daughters are blending their mother’s ideas as well as their own in shaping their perceptions on sexuality. The literature review depicts this blending through works from Mexican-American women.