From start to zero : the initiation of zero waste planning in Teton County, Wyoming



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In the following report, I explore the emerging discipline of zero waste as it applies to municipal solid waste management. My aim in this exploration was to assist the community of Teton County, Wyoming in its pioneering effort to draft a municipal zero waste plan of action. As I will explain, the reference points for a community undertaking the initial steps toward zero waste are varied. My research coupled internal data from County solid waste operations with information from external sources, including solid waste experts, zero waste plans from comparable communities, and prevailing literature regarding zero waste planning and plan evaluation. As a result, I provide an explanation of the context in which Teton County will formulate an approach toward zero waste as well as a framework by which to compare zero waste planning in Teton County with efforts in other communities. The material presented will ultimately serve as a resource for the development of strategic recommendations in the initial draft of the 2015 Teton County zero waste plan.