Modeling, Optimization and Testing for Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits in Deeply Scaled CMOS Technologies




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As CMOS technologies move to sub-100nm regions, the design and verification for analog/mixed-signal circuits become more and more difficult due to the problems including the decrease of transconductance, severe gate leakage and profound mismatches. The increasing manufacturing-induced process variations and their impacts on circuit performances make the already complex circuit design even more sophisticated in the deeply scaled CMOS technologies. Given these barriers, efforts are needed to ensure the circuits are robust and optimized with consideration of parametric variations. This research presents innovative computer-aided design approaches to address three such problems: (1) large analog/mixed-signal performance modeling under process variations, (2) yield-aware optimization for complex analog/mixedsignal systems and (3) on-chip test scheme development to detect and compensate parametric failures. The first problem focus on the efficient circuit performance evaluation with consideration of process variations which serves as the baseline for robust analog circuit design. We propose statistical performance modeling methods for two popular types of complex analog/mixed-signal circuits including Sigma-Delta ADCs and charge-pump PLLs. A more general performance modeling is achieved by employing a geostatistics motivated performance model (Kriging model), which is accurate and efficient for capturing stand-alone analog circuit block performances. Based on the generated block-level performance models, we can solve the more challenging problem of yield-aware system optimization for large analog/mixed-signal systems. Multi-yield pareto fronts are utilized in the hierarchical optimization framework so that the statistical optimal solutions can be achieved efficiently for the systems. We further look into on-chip design-for-test (DFT) circuits in analog systems and solve the problems of linearity test in ADCs and DFT scheme optimization in charge-pump PLLs. Finally a design example of digital intensive PLL is presented to illustrate the practical applications of the modeling, optimization and testing approaches for large analog/mixed-signal systems.