Session 2T | Fostering an Open Inclusive Open Education Ecosystem: Project Based Learning Across Disciplines and 21st Century Skills in the Classroom




Hsiao, John

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Texas Digital Library


This proposal regarding a low stakes grade contract emphasizing project based learning, such as flipping the classroom, resume, cover letter, student educational plan, student support services, major/career research paper addresses instructional practices related to creating collaborative projects for any content area that will result in the ethos of being equity minded ensuring higher student engagement and success and engages students, faculty and community buy-in. This session will cover how to help students navigate the much dreaded OER Workforce Development Group Project with “what works.” By addressing common student concerns, such as the dreaded group assignment it’s relevant audience is OER stakeholders such as administration, faculty, staff, students, community and the world as well as instructors across all disciplines because in designing group assignments that give DEI opportunities for students to practice much needed 21st century skill in ways that will result in higher student engagement and success, close achievement gaps and address the college mission, vision and values, which ultimately will prepare them for certificate, vocational/workforce and transfer.