Modal Analysis of Continuous Structrual System with Tapered Cantilevered Members



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Analytical Model of Traffic Signal Structures (TSS) is developed based on a continuous system method to observe dynamic characteristics of the structures. Conventional and basic continuous system method can show the approximate dynamic characteristics of the TSS, but the discretized continuous analytical model is proposed to get more accurate and realistic results of the TSS. In addition, the discretized continuous model can alternatively analyze the effect of the tapered cross-sectional members which are real model of TSS. For the verification of the analytical model, the dynamic characteristics of the numerical solutions by modal analysis in ABAQUS and the results of experimental measurements are provided. Compared with the numerical solutions and the experimental results, the analytical solution for each member shows its considerable accuracy. In addition, it will be also able to accurately express the effects of the linearly tapered cross-sectional member with more discretized continuous structural system. Moreover, the discretized analytical model of the TSS has the usability to observe the effects of boundary flexibility.