The effects of immersion and phrase-by-phrase learning on elementary students' song aquisition



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Texas Tech University


If children naturally choose to transmit songs using the immersion approach, do they prefer this approach in the classroom over the phrase-by-phrase? The issue of song learning preferences raises the question, particularly whether one method may be more preferred over another. Currently there is a lack of research conducted to investigate specific teaching procedures on song aquisition and how that relates to student accuracy and preference.

This study enhanced the knowledge and information that is available to teachers which will allow them to make more informed decisions regarding the teaching of songs. This study was designed to find:

  1. which method, immersion or phrase-by-phrase, produced a fewer number of pitch, rhythm and text errors
  2. which method, immersion or phrase-by-phrase, students prefer
  3. if musical accuracy was greater when matched to the student preference choice.

This study revealed most students prefer phrase-by-phrase, but are most successful when they learn a song through immerison.