The Effects Of Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy And Stretch On The Torque-angle Relation Of The Calf (Plantar flexor) Muscles Association With Passive Stretch Both During And After Treatment




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Our objective was to assess the short-term effects of PSWD and stretch on the torque-angle relation of the calf both during and after PSWD treatment. We used a 3 X 4 and a 2 X 4 (Time X Treatment) crossover repeated measures design. The independent variables were condition (stretching during diathermy, stretching after diathermy, and stretching during and after diathermy treatment) and time (pre, post, 15-minutes post treatment). Sixteen males participated in the study. Dependent variables were energy absorbed, energy returned, peak torque, average stiffness, intramuscular temperature, and average range of motion (ROM). There was a greater increase in tissue compliance during treatments when stretch was applied during tissue cooling. From the results of our study, we now believe that stretch combined with heat does affect tissue compliance and that the best time to stretch is after the tissue has been heated sufficiently and while the tissue is cooling.