Integrated power system on chip



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The project aims at designing the receiver end of a wireless power transmission system which consists of an ac to dc rectification system and a voltage level shifting system. The ac to dc rectification system consists of a Full Bridge Rectifier and a Shunt Regulator. The Shunt Regulator makes the system insensitive to voltage fluctuations and thus helps to make it more stable. The dc to dc rectification system consists of a Multi Resonant Buck Converter used to step down the voltage to the desired level. The power semiconductor modules have shrunk its size but the passive components (inductors, capacitors) used for filtering still occupy a considerable area. This paper focuses on reducing the size of these components by increasing the frequency. However higher frequency also poses the problem of higher switching losses. The use of resonant components like Multi-Resonant Buck and Boost Converter help minimize the switching losses further increasing efficiency and ensuring maximum power delivery. Also conventional gate drivers used cause a lot of power dissipation due to conduction losses and also involve the problem of shoot through. This project also makes use of a Resonant Gate driver to drive the Buck Converter minimizing shoot through and conduction losses, thereby increasing efficiency.