Size distributions and nonlinear optical enhancement of silver nanoparticles produced by LAM



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In this dissertation, I will look into the size distribution of silver nanoparticles produced by laser ablation of microparticles (LAM). I will investigate the role of both pulsed and continuously operating nozzles on the size distribution. In addition, I will examine any deviations from the previously observed log-normal size distribution for silver nanoparticles comparing previous collection techniques involving supersonic jet impaction with a current time of flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS). These new observations will be made in situ using a Wiley-McLaren TOF-MS with a reflector and multiphoton ionization and will mainly focus on the smaller sized nanoparticles. An introduction to enhancing a second harmonic optically generated signal will also be investigated involving silver nanocomposites while utilizing a polarized crossed-beam femtosecond laser technique.