An object-oriented system design for a web-based electronic product evaluation and recovery management system



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Texas Tech University


The original idea of this electronic product evaluation and recovery management system ("SYSTEM") comes from three previous done projects. The SYSTEM covers all the end-of-life stages in an electronic product's life cycle. The primary parts of this SYSTEM include a front-end user-interface, five functional modules, a core PMM module and back-end databases. The SYSTEM can be applied in various industrial environments as EOL processing guidelines or product design and evaluation reference. The system model design was implemented using an object-oriented (00) modeling approach. The 0 0 modeling of the SYSTEM is given out step by step in this thesis. All components and functions of important modules are presented in detail. A brief evaluation of the system model is included.

The system implementation was completed using Java, XML, and web-based tools in 2001. It is now running on a Windows 2000 server in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab that can be accessed through Internet.