Real-time geometric motion blur for a deforming polygonal mesh



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Texas A&M University


Motion blur is one important method for increasing the visual quality of real-time applications. This is increasingly true in the area of interactive applications, where designers often seek to add graphical flair or realism to their programs. These applications often have animated characters with a polygonal mesh wrapped around an animated skeleton; and as the skeleton moves the mesh deforms with it. This thesis presents a method for adding a geometric motion blur to a deforming polygonal mesh. The scheme presented tracks an object's motion silhouette, and uses this to create a polygonal mesh. When this mesh is added to the scene, it gives the appearance of a motion blur on a single object or particular character. The method is generic enough to work on nearly any type of moving polygonal model. Examples are given that show how the method could be expanded and how changes could be made to improve its performance.