ReQwip : business plan and go-to-market strategy



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The nature of this Report is to outline the proposed business opportunity for reQwip -- an online marketplace for buying, selling and renting sports equipment -- and the go-to-market strategy for this young startup. reQwip is an Austin, Texas-based technology company founded by students and alumni of The University of Texas at Austin for the purpuse of creating a mobile, peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for buying, selling and renting new and used sports equipment. ReQwip is launching its minimum viable product (MVP) in Spring 2014. The MVP is a liquid marketplace focused specifically on buying and selling new and used cycling and triathlon gear in Austin,TX and greater Central Texas. This MVP is our gateway into a sporting goods industry worth $150 billion in sales worldwide and $54 billion in the United States, of which $1-3 billion is used gear sales in the U.S.