An analysis of volcaniclastic sediments, Pacific offshore, Guatemala



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Texas Tech University


This thesis describes extensive experimental implementations of multiplex holography for use in representing two-dimensional spacevariant optical systems. Diffusers are used to encode the reference beams for effective crosstalk suppression. The problem of hologramto-hologram crosstalk is both analytically and experimentally examined, and various methods for its suppression are discussed. The merits of using ground glass diffusers for crosstalk suppression are experimentally investigated, and the superiority of chirped-wave diffuser illumination over plane-wave illumination in crosstalk suppression is demonstrated. The first implementations of binary-coded diffuser masks for crosstalk suppression in multiplex holography are shown. The experimental proof of coherent addition in overlapping holographic outputs is presented, and the first holographic representation of an extremely space-variant optical system is shown. The holographic representation of an optical system using a large (10 x 10) array of input sampling points is also shown. With a working 2-D space-variant holographic processor thus available, a variety of space-variant processing operations for future investigations are suggested.