A state park for Hubbard Creek Reservoir Breckenridge, Texas



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Since the end of. World War II, the American public has had more and more free time to devote to their own pleasures and enjoyment. This is due to several factors, such as shorter working days and weeks, vacations, ease and rapidity of transportation from place to place and retirement plans. Many people have enjoyed this new amount of time in one way or another, especially with family or friends. However, too many cannot find this enjoyment since facilities for their recreation and leisure time activities either do not exist or they cannot afford to pay for the establishment and use of such facilities. Gradually our communities have begun to realize the importance of such facilities and have either banded together or gained state aid to provide them. All men then gain the opportunity for a thorough understanding of themselves, human relationships, democracy, ideals, values and self-discipline. All these qualities are taught by recreation on the community level.l Because the purpose of this person, assuming the role and obligations of an architect, is to promote and develop a higher standard of living both in himself and his community, this study is devoted to the development of public recreation. "Recreation, like work, is one of the fundamental activities of life and, for this reason has changed its character just as work has. 112 Lagging behind the development of their activities of the contemporary man's life until only recently, public recreation has begun to awaken interest and concern, even on the level of the federal government. It is realized that higher standards and facilities for such public activities must be provided. Because rural nature has become so intriguing and interesting and unfortunately too often a stranger to contemporary urban mankind it is felt such a setting will better satisfy the "fundamental purpose of recreation ••••• to retain or recapture for the adult the joy of life as the child knows it" and "to help the adult to retain the insatiable curiosity of the child, his zest for living, his joy of companionship, his sense of imagination, and his desire to learn.113 Facilities to provide all these joys and pleasures and an atmosphere conductive to reaching these goals in the varying amounts and degrees of interest of all age groups will take the form of A State Park for Hubbard Creek Reservoir, to be built near Breckenridge in Stephens County, Texas.