S/MIME client with wireless key passing for android



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As the value and vulnerability of personal data has increased, the security of digital communication and information has become more important. Currently, there exists no application that allows for a convenient transfer of secure digital communication on mobile devices as they continue to usurp the role of personal computers in the real world. This report will document my attempt to create one such application on the Android platform. This report will present a brief background of the algorithms intended to be used, as well as an overview of the evolution of the email protocols into the S/MIME protocol. It shall also cover related works that currently exist that we explored, or used in the creation of the application. In program requirements, the overall requirements of the application will be discussed in detail. In program design, we will describe the overall design and architecture of the application. Finally, program outcome will describe the difficulties faced in the process of implementing the work, the outcome itself and where it can be found, and future work that is needed for the application.