Session 3J | Preparing for a name disambiguation application for institutional repositories at Texas A&M University: the planning and test preparation stages




Ho, Jeanette
Stokes, Charity
Creel, James
Chubaryan, Tatyana

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Texas Digital Library


At Texas A&M University Libraries, a cross-departmental task group was formed to examine possible solutions to the lack of authority control in the Libraries’ institutional repositories. It recommended the development of an app that would utilize internal identifiers and existing ones (ORCID, etc.) to disambiguate the names of persons and other entities. Our presentation will focus on the initial work of the task group in planning the app, and the cleanup of a sample of personal names to prepare for the testing of the future prototype of this app. Finally, we will highlight future steps for our project.


TCDL 2021 Session 3J, Presentation 1, Wednesday, 5/26/2021, 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm | Speakers: Jeannette ho, Cataloging/Metadata Librarian, Texas A&M University; Charity Stokes, Serials Cataloging/Metadata Librarian, Texas A&M University; James Creel, Senior Lead Software Applications Developer, Texas A&M University; Tatyana Chubaryan, Cataloging Librarian, Texas A&M University | Moderated by Shelley Barba, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Texas Tech University | View the recording at