A task-based approach to teaching Spanish to young language learners using computer games



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The abundance of technologies around our children, provides us with resources that can be used in second and foreign language classrooms. Often, children do not have the opportunity to practice Spanish in an authentic way, due to limited Spanish instruction that some institutions or public schools offer at the elementary level. Therefore, the limited time that is allowed to teach should be used wisely by means of computer games in the target language in conjunction with language tasks may offer the opportunity to learn and practice the second language (L2). The purpose of the present report is to: present existing literature on tasks and computer games in foreign/second language learning; suggest how they can be incorporated in a task-based approach in terms of teaching Spanish as an L2 to young learners; show examples of computer games in company with various language tasks that can be used for L2 learning; and provide an example of a lesson plan based on the suggested approach. Also, some of the benefits of this Spanish task-based approach will be discussed. Finally, important teaching implications are offered based on the existing literature on tasks and the task-based approach using computer games that is proposed in the this report.