Session 17C | How Would You Teach if Copyright Wasn’t in the Way? Reimagining Open Education with the Best Practices in Fair Use and Fair Dealing for Open Education




Jacob, Meredith
Turner, Cherie

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This session introduces the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use and Fair Dealing in Open Education and invites participants to explore the opportunities it creates. We will lead a discussion about the Code and walk through strategies for applying it to a variety of situations in creating and using OER. These will include common scenarios that are clearly permitted under fair use and fair dealing as well as edge cases that require special consideration.


Speaker(s): Meredith Jacob, Project Director - Copyright and Open Licensing, American University - Washington College of Law Meredith is the Public Lead for Creative Commons USA and the director of the Project on Copyright and Open Licensing at the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property at the American University Washington College of Law. Meredith is currently working with Open Educational Resources authors, professors, teachers and librarians on a project to define a code of best practices in fair use for OER. Her work includes research and advocacy on open access to federally funded research, flexible limitations and exceptions to copyright, and the public interest in intellectual property law. Cherie Turner, Assessment and Statistics Coordinator, University of Houston Cherie Turner is the Assessment and Statistics Coordinator at the University of Houston Libraries. She leads the Libraries’ overall assessment and serves as a collaborator and consultant for assessment projects on a wide range of areas. Her interests include data literacy, data ethics, student success, and organizational culture and change. Cherie completed an MA in Information Science and Learning Technologies from the University of Missouri. Moderated by: Sherry Ransdell, Director, Instructional Design Services, San Jacinto College View recording