Characterization of Two-Photon Excitation: Coherent Control and Nonlinear Propagation in Transparent Media



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Coherent control of laser induced processes is based on the quantum interference among multiple excitation pathways. Progress in the field has been fueled by advances in pulse shaping techniques, allowing modulation of phase and amplitude across the bandwidth of ultra short pulses. This dissertation makes use of coherent control technique for the optimization of two-photon fluorescence (TPF) and its applications in selective excitation for biomedical imaging. Different physical processes, e.g. TPF, second harmonic generation (SHG) and their ratios (e.g. TPF/SHG) were optimized by using feedback control pulse shaping technique with an evolutionary algorithm. Various nonlinear effects, e.g. filamentation, intensity clamping and white light generation were studied using two-photon fluorescence and Z-scan technique with different dyes and biomarkers. Simultaneous measurements of different nonlinear effects were performed. Novel methods were proposed and implemented to obtain two-photon excitation characteristics in intensity-resolved manner. Understanding of these nonlinear effects can give new solution to the issues of spatial resolution and molecular contrast for cellular and tissue imaging.