Session 3O | Growing Equitable Open Education Organizations and Leaders




Daly, Una
Pike, Ursula

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The pandemic exposed societal inequities that magnified as healthcare, job, and housing insecurities were disproportionately experienced by communities of color and other marginalized communities. Community colleges were the hardest hit sector of public higher education and as members shared their stories, our organization made the decision to increase DEI and antiracism in our own processes and activities. A call for equity-minded educators went out to the community in June 2020 and many responded. Monthly meetings were held and mutually agreed upon DEI topics were researched and discussed. Numbers dwindled somewhat as work commitments increased but a core of dedicated leaders emerged and developed strategies. Join the founding CCCOER EDI vice-president and the director who led this effort and learn how the committee has evolved through respectful listening and intentional recruitment of people of color. The committee provides leadership for CCCOER’s strategic planning, professional development, and conference proposals. A facilitated summer book club focused on DEI and open education is now entering its second year.