Breaking Down Intellectual Property Barriers with the Alice Exhibit: Down the Rabbit Hole, Past a Mine Field, to a Garden Party

Lowe, David
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Texas Digital Library

In the fall of 2018, Texas A&M University Libraries sought to craft together the online version of a physical exhibit entitled “’Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle!’: The Faces of Alice in Wonderland” as a practical prototype for new digital exhibits software and workflows. The exhibit curator had selected a range of images of Alice over the years: from the original work, long in the public domain, to very recent ones, solidly ensconced in copyright. The preponderance of copyrighted works seemed to present a serious barrier to moving forward with the digital version at first, but upon contacting rights holders, the future began to look bright. This talk/poster will detail the issues and how they were resolved, complete with compiled results as “little data,” along with advice to digital library practitioners in a similar boat.

Presented by Texas A&M University, 6B | Cultural Heritage 24x7, at TCDL 2019.