Digital image processing for the study of concrete beam cracks



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Texas Tech University


This thesis presents the research that was carried out to attain these objectives. The second chapter provides an introduction and background information about digital images. It discusses the nature of digital images, the way in which they are stored in the computer, and some background information about color types and color manipulation. Chapter 3 discusses the image processing algorithms that were developed for the purpose of conducting concrete crack studies, and the way in which these algorithms were tested on the digital image of a concrete sidewalk crack. However, for use of the techniques for actual concrete beam cracks, small reinforced concrete beams were built and tested to crack in shear, digital pictures were taken of the cracks, and these images were processed using the developed computer algorithms. Chapter 4 presents the design of the small reinforced concrete beams and their test setup, and Chapter 5 discusses the results obtained from testing these beams. Chapter 6 is dedicated to conclusions and recommendations.