The Association Between Ego Identity Status and Social Media Use

dc.contributor.advisorMunoz, Monica
dc.creatorAlejandro, Michael E
dc.creator.orcid0000-0002-2489-960X 2016
dc.description.abstractWith the current rise in the use of social media across different societies and groups, the question arises as to how social media use relates to psychosocial development, or more specifically, ego identity status. Social media platforms may serve as tools for self-expression and it is through its use that would allow for an individual’s identity exploration characteristic of various ego identity statuses. The purpose of the current study was to examine how current ego identity status may predict integration of social media in individuals’ daily lives, providing a better understanding of how each of the four statuses differ based on their use of social media. Based on anonymous online survey data, 293 participants were classified according to their ego identity status (i.e., Achievement, Diffusion, Moratorium and Foreclosure) and they reported on their daily use of social media. It was predicted that differences in integration of social media use would be significantly predicted by ego identity status, where the highest integration of daily social media use would be reported by those with an Achievement ego identity status and the lowest integration would be reported by those with a Diffusion ego identity status. One-way ANOVA revealed no significant differences in social media use based on ego identity status.
dc.subjectEgo Identity Social Media
dc.titleThe Association Between Ego Identity Status and Social Media Use