More Than Words II: Advocating for and Sustaining Harmful Content Work Birds-of-a-Feather




Roig Blay, Karla
Murphy, Devon
Sanchez, Karina

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Texas Digital Library


Harmful content and description found within our collections continues to be a challenging aspect for us all, as we navigate how to advocate for its management and mitigation amidst a changing sociocultural and political climate. Our birds of a feather session aims to engage with colleagues from institutions across the state who are facing similar experiences with management of harmful content and description. For TCDL 2023, we presented an introduction to this topic, with discussions ranging from the challenges of reciprocal community collaboration to problems in achieving consensus on workflow changes. For this session, we aim to sustain the momentum from last year’s conversations and reassess after a year’s worth of challenges and successes. Best practices are always changing, and TCDL provides the space that allows us to remain responsive to historically excluded communities’ needs and aware of the ever-evolving nature of this work. Participants will be able to share strategies, resources, and lessons learned from their experiences in advocating for and managing harmful content and description in their collections.


TCDL 2024 Session 6B, Wednesday, 5/22/2024, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm | Moderated by Ke'ara Hunt, Texas Digital Library | Birds-of-a-Feather | Digital Collections