Digital Preservation Webinar Series: #3 UCSD Digital Preservation Analyst Sibyl Schaefer on Chronopolis




Mumma, Courtney
Schaefer, Sibyl

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Texas Digital Library



The 3rd DigiPres Webinar in TDL's series presented Friday, November 10 at 2pm CST by UCSD Digital Preservation Analyst Sibyl Schaefer who discusses Chronopolis with a live Q&A follow up. Sibyl is the Digital Preservation Analyst for Research Data Curation at the University of California, San Diego. She is Program Manager for Chronopolis and helps define long-term digital preservation solutions for the UC San Diego campus. The Chronopolis digital preservation network provides services for the long-term preservation and curation of America's digital holdings. Because of the ephemeral nature of digital information, it is critical to organize and preserve the digital assets that represent society's intellectual capital—the core seeds of knowledge that are the basis of future research and education. TDL has recently become a Chronopolis node and can provide Chronopolis as a digital preservation storage option for our members.