Finding Harmony in the Graduate Music Recital Collection




Barba, Shelley
McCarley, Magregor

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Texas Digital Library


This presentation discusses a case study on graduates’ digital music recital files and our ongoing multi-year project to reorganize the collection for better access. The biggest breakthrough for this project was in untangling the concept of graduate recitals from ETDs and then re-evaluating what we defined as “the work” within our DSpace collection. We briefly outline the history of the collection, the most glaring issues with how we had been displaying the recitals in DSpace and our streaming media player, the process in solving the issues, and the continuing obstacles in maintaining a music recital collection. We also discuss lessons learned and our best practices that may help others with their similar recital collections.


TCDL 2024 Session 4A, Wednesday, 5/22/2024, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm | Moderated by Tom Lyons, UNTHSC | Presentation | Scholarly Communication